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The V21 Digital Summit showcases local and international excellence and capital growth in digital, via case studies, key takeaways, and know-how from both agency and brand perspectives.

V21 is presented by AIMIA, and this year focusses on leading edge case studies, research, and best practice in the areas of digital customer experience, online retail and digital product and service development.

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HUGE – Catherine Heath (USA) [VP of Strategy, Planning Director at HUGE]

Catherine joined Huge in October of 2013 as VP of Strategy and Planning Director to lead the West Coast strategy group based in Los Angeles. Catherine is responsible for overseeing the cross-functional strategy department and fostering strategic thought leadership for all of our clients. Prior to Huge, Catherine served as SVP Planning director on Microsoft at McCann Worldgroup, the Chief Strategy Officer for creative hot-shop Modernista! In Boston, Worldwide Group Planning Director for TBWA/CHIAT/DAY, and most recently, the Executive Strategy Director for M&C Saatchi in Australia. During her time at TBWA\CHIAT\DAY Catherine led strategy on numerous Global & local initiatives around the World, a highlight being the 2012 London Summer Olympics, the most successful VISA Olympics campaign on record. Catherine has been recognized by the Australian media as an expert on brand & consumer trends and has been regularly featured in national newspapers and on national television news.

Stay tuned for Catherine’s presentation details.

Two Bulls – Sesame Street, Multi-screen play and the Internet of Everything

The renowned app development agency, Two Bulls, is speaking at this year’s V21 Digital Summit. Known for their cutting-edge augmented reality projects, Two Bulls partnered with the iconic Sesame Street Workshop and Qualcomm to create Grover’s Block Party – an application using the loveable Sesame Street character, Grover, to help children learn. John Cameron, Director of Product Development, takes us on a journey of augmented reality, the Internet of Everything and how brands can inspire audiences young and old through emerging technologies.

Soap Creative – The Power of Play: Why brands needs to embrace their inner child

Forget gamification, it’s all about play. Ashley Ringrose, founder of Soap Creative, is presenting to us why we should be focussing on the wider themes of play and remembering that gamification is only a small part of the bigger concept. Using practical examples, Ashley demonstrates why engaging people through play is far more powerful than just concentrating on gamification.

Suncorp – Building a culture of responsive customer experience in-house

Sharlene Tan and Vanessa Wilkins are presenting a case study on how and why they built the new responsive Suncorp website in-house. Taking us on a journey from research right through to development methodology as well as learnings around Internet Banking and Native mobile app building, we discover what it’s really like to build a responsive website in-house.

The Holla Agency – The Future of Digital – the rise of Big Intuition

Could the future be less big data and more big intuition – less maths, more biology – less transaction, more transformation?

Errol Flanagan, Strategy and Innovation Director at The Holla Agency, explores the possibility, offers the essential digital future value chain and suggests key trends are saying ‘Science, yes. Art, yes – but not as we know it’.

Isobar – Socialising Brands through Storytelling

We all know as a brand we need to be where our audience is, but too many of us are simply relying too heavily on having a presence, buying likes, and dominating topics. But to be truly social, we need to do more than just collect Twitter and Instagram accounts. First, we need a reason to be, and then we need a story to tell. Kara Jenkins, Creative Director at Isobar, will take you on a journey with Australia’s top brands, from where they began, to where they are now in the realm of social media.

More details to be released soon.

 Isobar – How the gaming industry can create new experiences for Brands

Happy people make better customers, and everyone wants to be happier, but can brands make people happier?  Brett White, Creative Director at Isobar, explores how brands can use learnings from the gaming industry to create new experiences that generate happiness and engagement for their fans. With recent real world examples Brett explores some new and exciting ways to have more fun with your customers.

More details to be released soon.

Speakerbook – We built this city: the social truth about a disruptive strategy

Speakerbook is a new way to book guest speakers that was designed to change the way things are done. Founder, Ant Williams, and Kate Johns from Sidekick Communications, are talking about how they used social media to inform and engage a dual audience using an integrated social strategy. Sound simple enough? Sure it does. What’s different about Speakerbook though, is that through their new model and marketing strategy, they managed to disrupt the status quo in their industry and it wasn’t as glamorous as you would think.

Opaque Multimedia – Indistinguishable from Magic: Insights from Working at the Cutting Edge

This session will explore the far-reaching ramifications of cutting edge consumer technologies and how they can be combined to create new media experiences. Norman Wang and James Bonner, co-founders of Opaque Multimedia, present their experiences working with novel technologies in their projects and provide examples of how these technologies can translate into new opportunities.

Marcus Barber – Your Future is Not an App

Marcus Barber suggests there are three factors which will ensure your digital company’s demise. Last year he provoked our thinking by suggesting too many were ‘focusing on the unimportant when critical problems exist’ and called us to action our collective brainpower to solving some of the big social ills. In this session Marcus plans to test our business mettle by aligning our attention to yet another business challenge.

Keep Left and Endota Spa – Amplifying the success of your online assets using offline tactics: the endota spa story

In May, endota spa’s Mother’s Day Experiment video caught the attention of the nation, generating free exposure on Channel 7 and Nine Network among others. This session explores how the involvement of traditional media relations – particularly offline tactics – can amplify the success of your digital assets beyond online seeding.

Stacks – A journey from agency to start up

Stacks is a digital business card platform for the modern professional and creative that was conceptualised by the team at Purplemonky and built in collaboration with a world class design and development team. The Stacks platform includes an iPhone application for sharing, viewing and storing business cards as well as an integrated web platform for business card design distribution. A trend toward personal branding, digital identity and growing hyper connectivity enabled via mobility drives the need for a digital business card product like Stacks. Tim Knowles and Jono Simko, two of the company co-founders, speak about the creative process of conceptualising, designing and building the app; as well as the need to make time for exploration, creative projects and entrepreneurship.

MOD Productions – ACO Virtual

An immersive interactive video touring exhibition is discussed in terms of the creative collaboration between the Australian Chamber Orchestra and studio Mod Productions, an iterative design approach spanning research, pilot and full production phases as well as the creative and logistical challenges of building and supporting a complex show.

Tim Parsons – Making the Future: Australia and Manufacturing 2.0

The session will argue that Australia is  uniquely gifted in talent, know-how and geopolitical location to be in the vanguard of what The Economist calls the ‘third manufacturing revolution’. Its time to re-boot the culture of ‘making stuff’ drawing on the transformative power of “digital innovation” the powerhouse artisanal, intellectual, and humanistic economic movement that has already transformed the global economy.

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